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ESO Reveal Watch party

When: Thursday 16th, 23:00 CET
Where: Guild Events Voice Channel
Description: It's that time of the year again where Zenimax is doing there reveal stream where they will talk and show what will be happening to ESO this year. Think about the DLC's, Chapter and more! There are concurrent viewer rewards again. So even if you can't make it but have the chance to turn on the stream somewhere you will be helping everyone get some sweet rewards!
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Dungeonish Friday

When: Friday 17th, 20:00 CET
Where: Guild Events Voice Channel
Description: There were some requests for vDSA so here we go! First come first serve! Of course we will be making more groups if there is overflow, but if you want to be sure of your spot send a direct message to @Azpet#9592.

Normal Cloudrest

When: Sunday 19th, 14:00 CET
Description: Summerset chapter required.
After last week Azpet is still looking for some Olorime's Lightning Staff so he will be doing some more runs. Same routine as last time. It's a short trial with some great loot for almost everyone like Siroria, Olorime, Relequen and Galenwe. We're not expected to get a full group in, but if you want to join be sure to let (@Azpet#9592) know by direct message so he can make sure to invite you when it is time.

Any one is welcome for this event (at least cp 160).